“It’s high-risk – because it could be messy, or it could be magical” – that’s how guitarist Grant King describes the thrill of improvisation at the heart of Big Space. Also featuring Ashley Chalmers (drums) and Ian Murphy (bass), the trio draws on free jazz excitement and channels it through an instrumental post-rock sound. Their music explores the edge between composition and improvisation, blending rock, jazz, electronica and metal, and making every show a one-time-only experience.

Formed in 2013, Big Space has appeared at the St. John’s Sound Symposium and the Wreckhouse Jazz and Blues Festival. Each member has played with many other bands in the St. John’s music scene, including Pathological Lovers, The Monday Nights, and GALA. In 2015, they released “Live at the Levee”, capturing one of their electrifying live shows. The band is currently working on new music and planning for a follow-up album in 2018.


Since forming in 2013, Big Space has performed many sets at prominent music clubs in St. John’s, as well as the Wreckhouse Jazz & Blues Festival, the Music at Harbourside series, and the Lawnya Vawnya festival. They have also been featured at the St. John’s International Sound Symposium and often host the Sound Symposium’s Night Music.

Guitarist Grant King is a graduate of Berklee College of Music and has a Masters degree from Longy School of Music. Grant also studied for several years with legendary jazz educator Charlie Banacos. A Music NL award winner and ECMA nominee, Grant performs with many St. John's artists, including the Jody Richardson-fronted Pathological Lovers. He has led his own jazz-rock trio for over a decade. Big Space is the latest evolution of his work in the guitar-trio format.

Big Space bassist Ian Murphy is a longtime musical collaborator of Grant’s. Also a guitarist and singer/songwriter, Ian's projects have included alternative rock bands So Says Jane and Exit Party, and electro-pop duo Pet Legs.                                                    

Drummer Ashley Chalmers is a graduate of St. FX jazz program with a diverse background playing jazz, rock, metal, and hip-hop. He also plays with GALA, led by singer-songwriter Aley Waterman. Ash has also played drums for worldbeat dance band Ouroboros and jazz pianist Florian Hoefner's group. 

Big Space lives on the fringe of jazz and alternative rock. They are a crossover act on the rock and jazz scenes and they have built a loyal following with their electrifying live show. In 2015, the band partnered with GNAudio to record Live at the Levee. That year, Big Space was awarded "Bronze" for best Jazz/Blues band by readers of The Overcast.


Selected Discography:

·         Big Space - Live at The Levee. 2015

·         The Monday Nights - Good Night Monday Night. 2015. (Grant King - Keyboard)

·         Pathological Lovers - Calling All Favours. 2009. (Grant King - Keyboard & Guitar)

·         Pathological Lovers - We Can’t Even Lose. 2014. (Grant King – Keyboard & Guitar)

·         GALAA - Young Hymns. 2013. (Ashley Chalmers – Drums & Percussion)   

·         GALAA - The Speech. 2019. (Ashley Chalmers – Drums & Percussion)              

·         Pet Legs - Radiation Fog. 2016. (Ian Murphy – Guitar, Bass & Vocals)


Festival Performances:

·         2013 International Wreckhouse Jazz & Blues Festival                                                                

·         2014 Music at Harbourside Lunchtime Concert Series

·         2014 St. John’s International Sound Symposium

·         2017 Lawnya Vawnya Festival

·    2018 Music at Harbourside Lunchtime Concert Series

·         2018 St. John’s International Sound Symposium