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In Relation To 

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Big Space

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"In Relation To" is a brilliantly original album, with a free, improvised feel, but also with sections of intense complexity."

" immensely enjoyable and well-balanced set of instrumental pieces."

"The musicians' combination of precision and restraint along with their knack for melody writing gives In Relation To a distinct, beguiling quality"

 "Math jazz, prog, post, funk - everything is mixed for endless surprises"

"...takes listeners on a dizzying jazz-rock journey that demonstrates the band’s technical chops and dynamic creativity."

"...a surprising journey into sonic worlds that skillfully mix rock, indie, jazz and funk"

"...jazzy elements and the time signatures are very prog rock, but there’s also a huge rock/metal vibe and even a post-rock feel, making for something very special."

"...strong as an ox ‘math jazz’ for all the avant jazzheads!"

"...leaves you in a constant state of anticipation for what's to come"

"It’s the best type of improv... An excellent performance. Highly recommended."

"...seduces our ears thanks to the band’s ability to express the whole through the details"

"...a fantastic one take indie rock record"

"...makes it easy for even those who do not appreciate instrumental music to listen"

"In Relation To takes the listener on a pretty awesome journey from start to finish. "

Interviews & Features


CBC Radio First Listen

Nov 12, 2021. Weekend AM's Heather Barrett interviewed the band about In Relation To and played three songs from the album. Read more and listen to the show here

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Roadie Metal Feature

Nov 11, 2021. The Brazilian rock & metal site included Big Space in their feature on 10 underground bands to check out, highlighting our song "Monochromatic". Check it out here.


Jazz Espresso Interview

Nov 9, 2021. The Italian jazz site interviewed bassist Ian Murphy about the new album. Read the interview here.


Last Day Deaf - Quick Review

Nov 6, 2021. The American music blog added our song "Relevator" to their Beyond Boundaries playlist and gave it a quick pitch as "math jazz for all the avant jazzheads!" Check it out here.

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The Newfoundland Herald Interview

Oct 22, 2021. Dillon Collins interviewed the band about the new album and the album release show. Read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.


CBC Radio East Coast Music Hour

Oct 9, 2021. CBC premiered "Almost Everything" from the new album. Listen to the show on CBC here.


September 16, 2021

St. John’s jazz fusion / progressive rock outfit Big Space have announced their new album, entitled In Relation To.


March 20, 2018

Get into an instrumental groove with this St. John's trio.


May 29, 2019

Dive into the sound of this free jazz trio.


June 1, 2016

Oliver, Maggie, And Hugo On 3 Local Bands.


June 26, 2016

No two Big Space performances are alike, according to the jazz-rock band's guitarist, Grant King.

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