Big Space is an instrumental jazz-rock trio from Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Featuring guitarist Grant King, bassist Ian Murphy, and drummer Ashley Chalmers, the band takes a jazz approach to original compositions that touch on genres like post-rock, math rock, and progressive rock. 

Free improvisation is a key part of their sound, and the trio is all about taking chances and catching moments of inspiration. Their self-released 2016 debut, Live at The Levee, documented the energy of their live performances.


For their 2021 follow-up record, In Relation To, the band chose to record live in the studio with no overdubs. The high level of interplay between the three musicians can be heard throughout the album, which combines the dynamic feel of a live show with studio-quality sound.


Recorded between lockdowns during 2020 and 2021, In Relation To marks the latest progression in the band’s sound, which they have continuously evolved since forming in 2013.


Ranging from heavy, riff-driven instrumental rock to contemporary jazz fusion and atmospheric soundscapes, the album has something for anyone who appreciates adventurous cross-genre music.


In Relation To is available everywhere now. 



Formed in 2013, Big Space has been featured at the Lawnya Vawnya festival, the St. John's International Sound Symposium, the Music at Harbourside Series, and the Wreckhouse International Jazz and Blues Festival. They self-released a live album in 2016, Live at the Levee, which also included live videos for each song. The album was featured on CBC radio's First Listen, and the band was also invited by CBC TV to film two live-in-studio performances for their "Parkway Sessions" series. 


In 2020 Big Space began recording their follow-up record In Relation To. "Triptrap", the first single from the album, was released in September 2021. Reviewing "Triptrap", New York-based blog Grotesqualizer wrote: "you constantly feel how the musicians devote themselves to every millisecond of their music, broadcasting an incredible vision." Another song from In Relation To, "Almost Everything", was featured on CBC Radio's East Coast Music Hour in the lead up to the album's release. 


Big Space is a cross-genre band that blends jazz with post-rock, math rock, progressive rock and other styles. Guitarist Grant King is a graduate of Berklee College of Music and the Longy School of Music, who also studied privately for years with the late jazz educator Charlie Banacos. Bassist Ian Murphy is a longtime musical collaborator of Grant's, while drummer Ashley Chalmers also studied jazz at St. FX in Nova Scotia.


From the band's beginning, improvisation has been a cornerstone of their sound. Through many live shows in the 8 years they've been together Big Space has developed their own improvisational language and an ability to seemingly read each other's minds. Their energetic shows are propelled by technically impressive playing and compositions, imaginative improvisations, and spacey sound experiments. 


In Relation To features 9 original compositions, ranging from riff-driven instrumental rock to contemporary jazz fusion and atmospheric soundscapes, with plenty of improvisation. It was recorded live-in-studio with no overdubs to capture the interplay and improvisation between the three musicians. Mastered by multi-instrumentalist Nate Wood of the jazz-fusion band Kneebody, the album has the dynamic feel of a live show with studio quality sound. 

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